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​Veteran Logistical Solutions

Emerging Placements

Emerging Placements

ECO Manufacturing is a manufacturing and bottling company based in Colorado that services the production, distribution and packing needs of numerous beverage related companies thruout the United States.

Youth Football Systems

This project is a franchise and real estate business development concept with emerging projects in Northern Colorado as well as Kansas City and the surrounding area.

This project is a web based content business aimed at youth football coaches providing high caliber playbook, video, practice and coaching tools to championship level youth football teams. 

We are working to secure strategic financing for business development, growth and financial placements to allow Doctor's to rapidly build and grow their practices.

Working and active Placements

J.A Capital Investments


Capital Energy Consultants is an emerging oil and gas developmental exploration and drilling company with an emphasis in shallow field developments in Kansas and Oklahoma

Placements Active & developing