BilL Robinson

Years of experience: 33
Position: Asset Evaluation

Before joining J.A Capital Investments, Bill worked for Chevron all over the globe. He brings a wealth of management experience to our.


TO deliver outstanding PERFORMANCE

to our partners 

Andrea Montecchi

Years of experience: 23
Position: Strategic Plannin

Andrea's strength is in managing teams through critical, high-pressure challenges, and consistently delivering results.

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“Alliance delivered everything they promised. Our customer satisfaction levels are at an all-time high!”



We strive to make strategic placements into both established and developing companies that can yield solid returns to our partners.

JA Capital has found itself investing in strong emerging companies with significant upside potential. It prides itself in coming alongside these companies and taking an active role in both their development and growth. Looking both domestically and internationally, finding solid management teams and leaders with experience is critical in making successful placements.


Paul Mason

Years of experience: 11
Position: General Counsel

Paul serves as our firm's general counsel and is our point person in formation and structure of our placements. 

Jeff Alexander

Years of experience: 15
Position: Managing Partner 

Our Managing Partner  has over 15 years of experience managing an extensive portfolio of private placement, equity and debt investments with outstanding results.